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My Saint My Hero – Product Spots

My Saint My Hero is a jewelry brand that makes Saint inspired jewelry. They asked us, the day before the shoot, to pull together a team to film these spots and edit and finish them to help advertise their new line of products. A short notice project, with a result we’re proud of.

Archangel Michael is known as the leader of the heavenly armies, the one that God has sent to protect each one of us from anything unlike love. Wear Archangel Michael as a reminder that you are never alone, you are protected by God's great angels, and you are part of a bigger story.

This sacred symbol was emblazoned on what is believed to be the first altar from which Christ proclaimed the power of divine love, now it can lay on your wrist as well.

As you wear this bracelet, you join the victory of women rising above poverty and having their dignity restored, changing their world one bracelet at a time. Beaded in Cambodia, woven in Medjugorje... worn worldwide.

Joan of Arc is the patron saint of courage. More than bravery, her courage was that of giving herself whole-heartedly to God's will. Wear this necklace and be inspired, like Joan of Arc, to repeat througout your day, "I was born for this!"

Life is a journey. Every day we face twists and turns along the way and we must decide which direction to go. Our compass is the cross. Jesus is our true north, the singular guide for navigating life.