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The Lochner Family

The Lochners have been close friends of ours for years now. We went to college with Tim and Kaitlin, and have managed to stay in touch, and spend lots of happy time with them and their children since. We were extremely excited to get to visit them in Portland this past April, and of course happy to take some family portraits for them.

We met them for coffee to catch up and talk, and then went across the street to a small beautiful park on an uncharacteristically sunny April day for some photos. It was great to see them again and a pleasure to save some memories for them and their growing family.

Keeping little ones interested in the camera can be challenging, but we chose a beautiful park so that their eldest, Ella, could have some space to run around and play in, while the youngest and newest member of the family, Archer, was happy to be held and walked around outdoors. Ella, almost 2 at the time, was adorable. She ran around jumping up and down and laughing, soaking up the sun. 

It's important to us that we keep our photos candid and real, so while the family may never really stand in a line all facing one way in real life, we think it's important that their expressions, posture, and atmosphere feel natural and real, and once Tim and Kaitlin started walking around and playing with Ella, it provided plenty of natural opportunities for great shots.

Beautiful weather, and a happy beautiful family made for a great session. It was a great visit with the Lochners, and we can't wait to see them again in a month when they come down here to Los Angeles! Sounds like some more good memories in the making.

Kaitlin writes a lifestyle blog where she shares honestly and abundantly about all aspects of family life. Check it out