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We update our blog on the regular with new photos, projects, and thoughts. It's part of how we keep our clients up to date on what we're doing, and who we're doing it with.

Parking Spaces

Over the past couple months I've been editing and coloring sketches for Unbundled Underground, a production house responsible for various commercial work as well as several award winning independent films. It's been a blast working with these guys on some short comedy sketches shot in their spare time and finished in mine. They're pretty great.

Parking spaces was one of the last I worked on but one of my favorite. You can check out the rest under our film page. If you liked this you should check those out, as well as a series we did with a buddy back east a couple years ago called Lino at The Movies. Check out one of my favorites below.

Theres a few more where that came from and you can find them here.