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We update our blog on the regular with new photos, projects, and thoughts. It's part of how we keep our clients up to date on what we're doing, and who we're doing it with.

New York City - April 2014

Jamie and I recently flew to New York City to surprise a good friend who recently had his first book published. Jamie had never been to the city before, and I hadn't been since 2011, and it seemed like a great opportunity to celebrate, introduce Jamie to the city, and just spend some time back east with good friends.

My buddy Paul Laudiero wrote the book Shit Rough Draftshe won a competition amongst popular tumblr blogs to have a book published and distributed. His book has appeared in Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, and many other stores across the country. Although something of a novelty book, it's funny and somewhat inspiring to imagine these famous authors writing their first drafts of their greatest works.

We shot most of our stills using Jamie's Mamiya 645 with Portra 400, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for all the footage. It was a great time spent with friends who might as well be family, reminiscing about times gone by, and seeing one of the greatest cities in the world. Can't wait to get back.