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So, from May of this year through October, I worked at a movie theater here in Hollywood as a way to get out of the house, make a little extra cash, and maybe meet some cool people. The job ended up being a great way to do all three, and while I was sad to leave, Jamie and I had an *ahem* special delivery arrive in September, and thus came the end of my time as an employee of one of the best known theaters in Los Angeles.

During my time working there, I had a chance to photograph some of my coworkers for a series that originally planned to see them in their uniforms and in normal street clothes side by side. The series was inspired by seeing them at work, and then going out, and getting an entirely different impression based on their sense of style and self-expression through clothing.

I think the series turned out great, the only problem being, I can't show it here (at least not yet, maybe never). I would say it was merely an artistic expression of employees in and out of work, and not by any means a photoshoot meant to advertise or market anything. The corporation I work for thought otherwise.

I contacted them to see if they would have any interest in displaying the series in their theaters, as they're the type of institution that might display such works. Alas, I was met only with the threat of legal action. As a result, the photos of these fantastic ladies and gentlemen in their work uniforms are banished to the dark reaches of my hard drive, I can however display these great shots of my fellow theater employees in their street clothing, and am happy to do so. Enjoy!