Francis + Louise
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About Us

We are Paul & Jamie Duda, husband & wife, founders of Francis + Louise. we work with independent artists & creatives to serve entrepreneurs, visionaries, and businesses of all sizes. We can bring your story to life, no matter the medium.


Great to meet you!

We put our collective creative strengths together to form cool superpowers. We're both goofballs at heart who love to create, and love it even more when we get to do so with friends.  Francis + Louise is built from that same love. We simply wanted to do what makes us happy, while spending time with those we care about the most, especially our little one.

When it comes to our work, we tell our clients' stories, not ours, working with and within your brand to consolidate and build something effective and beautiful, and still yours. We provide the benefit of taking your project from conception to implementation in all media, in one place. Having it all under one roof gives the peace of mind knowing that everything you produce and share will all be part of telling your story.

Our dream is to make it possible for families like ours to make a living in artistic and creative fields. By choosing Francis + Louise to tell your story, you not only utilize the skills and creativity of the most talented artists and creators we know, but you also support them and their growing families. 

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behind the name

Francis + Louise is named for one of each of our grandparents, from whom we inherited our own middle names. We named our company after them to honor them, and in the hopes of building a family, company, and relationships, as strong as theirs. It’s our hope that our company will grow to not only create fantastic content, but support talented couples and their families.