Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Great to meet you!

We put our collective creative strengths together to form cool superpowers. We're both goofballs at heart who love to create, and love it even more when we get to do so with friends. 

Francis + Louise is built from love and hard work. There was a need for us to dive deeper into doing what we love, while spending time with who we love, especially our little one. We are a collaborative production house with a passion for communicating through compelling visuals.

We tell our clients' stories through each of these mediums how they see it, giving creative direction and building specialized teams when needed. We provide the benefit of taking your brand from conception to implementation in all mediums. Having all under one roof gives the peace of mind knowing that everything you produce and share will all be part of telling your story.

Our dream is to also make it possible for families like ours to make a living doing what they love, living their dream, and being able to create alongside their loved ones. 

By choosing Francis + Louise to tell your story, you not only utilize the skills and creativity of the most talented artists and creators we know, but you also support them and their growing families. 



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